Privacy Policy


This website is the property of DriveMe, a Belgian company for the transport of persons located on Avenue Joseph Baeck 70-1080 Brussels – Belgium.
In this sense, DriveMe represented by this website intends to comply with the legal texts determining the protection of personal data of visitors of this website, namely the law of 8 December 1992 (Private Life Law) and the European regulation of 27 April 2016 Effective as of May 25, 2018. The privacy of each user visiting this site is respected, the information collected about it is used only in an appropriate way.
This document is therefore intended to inform you about your rights, the use that is made of your data and the modalities to enforce your rights.

Personal data
personal data is collected on this site?

The collection of your personal data is limited to the strict minimum:
• For any visit to the site which does not include interaction via a contact form:

o The data collected by the cookies (see below)

• For any submission of the form:
o The data specified Above
o First and last name
o email address
o telephone number

• For any order placed on our site:
o all the data specified above
o information related to your Paypal account (if applicable)
o information related to your credit card (if That collects this data? As
the manager of this website, it is the company DriveMe that collects the data related to your browsing on the website and who is responsible for it. These data are processed by subcontractors that guarantee their security and anonymity.
As a company represented on this website, it is the latter that collects the other personal information sent by contact form. It has the full responsibility for both the management of these data and their security.
What is the purpose of harvesting this data? The data collected are in two very specific purposes:

•To offer you a navigation on this optimal and personalized site by holding your actions and preferences with functional cookies

• To enable DriveMe to track the performance of the site Internet and other marketing-related activities via third-party providers such as Google Analytics and Facebook

• Allow the company represented by this site to manage its business relations this data is stored for a period of 12 months from Your consent.
The personal data of the users are in no way sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties. The DriveMe providers who would have access to it are also bound by this commitment.
Your rights related to your personal data the European regulation entered into force since 25 May 2018 guarantees you certain privacy rights:

• The right to obtain confirmation of the existence or absence of your data Personal

• The right to know the origin, use and purpose of this personal data • The right to obtain contact information of data Management • The right to obtain the update, modification or deletion of data communicated

• The right to oppose the processing of this data • The
right to oblivionthe terms for deleting your personal data to exerc
ise your rights, you can send an email by specifying the data concerned by your request to The address

Besides the collection of personal data via a contact form or the passage of an online order, some data can be recovered through cookies placed on the website.
A cookie is a file placed by a site on the browser that you use to surf the Internet. It allows you to recognize each visit you make on the site concerned. Cookies may be placed by the owner of the website or by external providers according to their purpose explained below.
The different cookies used on this site

• Technical or functional cookies:
these are the cookies implemented by the website that you visit in order to facilitate your browsing, as those who retain the language you use.
• Social Networking cookies:
If you browse this site from a social network or click on a link to a social network, a cookie can be affixed to your browser. These third party-created cookies are secure, but you can delete them at any time.
• Statistics-related cookies:
To measure the traffic of the website and to determine the different profiles of the surfers (anonymously), third party cookies are placed there. This is Google Analytics and/or Google Adwords.
The cookies are stored on your browser and send the information requested to the owner of the website and to its external providers. However, you can delete these cookies at any time by visiting your browser history.